About Us

Since 1984, the World Health Organization (WHO) has engaged with the sporting world to promote healthy lifestyle, the benefits of regular physical activity and to fight tobacco use. Global Sports Federation (GSF) was constituted under the guidance of United Nations Sports for Development and Peace (UNSDP), targeting to give a platform for the youths. GSF conducts tournaments of different games worldwide to boost the sports. The youths of the world are the golden assets but they are derailing due to proper guidance and very limited access to involve themselves in any productive activities. GSF gives them the opportunity to engage in sports over the boundary for bringing peace and prosperity in the society.

GSF is open to all for becoming its part through its different wings of sports and region. The Country, Sub-continental and continental committees are forming with the approval of GSF headquarters. Any sporting club, sporting association, sporting federation, sports management board could be GSF member, any time.

The GSF committee will be as follows:

1. President-One post
2. Senior Vice President-One post
3. Vice President –Five posts (One for every continent, who will be the President of the Continental Committee by designation)
4. Secretary General-One post
5. Treasurer –One post
6. Director-Four posts
(The regional, sub-continental and continental committees should be two vice presidents and all other posts will be like the Central Standing Committee)
 All of the EC members will be elected by the direct vote of members for three years tenure
 The rule would be changed if the UNSDP changes its guidelines